Other means of supporting us

In the current economic climate, we appreciate that its not always possible to support us financially, but we have listed below a number of ways you can support us at NO cost to you -


Collect all your used POSTAGE STAMPS trimmed with at least 1/4″  (6mm)  border left around each stamp/s. We can currently achieve £8.50/kg, so please get all your friends / families / churches / offices / schools etc., saving all their used stamps from their post, and forward to us.

They can be left at the Foodbank warehouse on collection delivery day (Tuesdays 9:30-16:00 & 19:30-21:00), or send them to our office at Hope Community Church (see ‘Contact us’ for address) clearly marked for Hinckley Area Foodbank.


Donate CLEAN & DRY TEXTILES for recycling. 

We can take:-

  • Adult/childrens clothes;
  • Paired shoes (with laces tied together, or by rubber bands, or bagged);
  • Hats;
  • Handbags etc;
  • Belts;
  • Curtains; towels; bed linen.

We are not able to take duvets, pillows, or soiled/dirty, or wet clothes, badged clothes or uniforms.

As with the stamps, bagged textiles can be left at the warehouse on Tuesdays, or Email us at [email protected] and we may be able to arrange to pick them up.



For everyone with a computer, a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone, EasySearch is a search engine which you can use like Google when looking for that website or information about anything, and every successful search you make raises 0.5p, multiply that by the number of searches you make during an average week, multiplied by the number of supporters who could register, and we can raise consistent income on a regular basis.   You simply search for Hinckley Foodbank on the EasySearch page, and save that page as one of your home pages.  Every search you then make will raise money for us, at no cost to you.